Sunday, March 09, 2008

Animoto v OneTrueMedia

So, I want to see which one I like best. Truthfully, I like them both. But, I thought I would toss the vote out to my faithful readers. Which output format do you like better? Please vote in the COMMENTS tab below! Artwork in videos is by my colleague Ron Blue; check out his gallery.




Riptide Furse said...

I'm going for Animoto. In the two examples I had a clear idea what the pictures were that I was supposed to be looking at and appreciating.

In the One True Media example the artwork got lost in the special effects.

Both of them look fun and easy!

Nancy Sharoff (RL) ~ Laelia Laval (SL) said...

I got the feeling that One True Media was Animoto on mind altering drugs...not necessarily a bad thing (LOL!). I guess it really depends what your goal is in putting these together -- you might even want to consider another application, depending on your purpose. For sheer fun, as long as both were easy to assemble, I'd offer both to my public.