Friday, November 07, 2008

True Confessions of a Social Media Slacker!

Lordy...I updated my MySpace page today. Jeebus; the pics were like 2 years old! Then I got a Plurk thingy that said I had to update my Plurk. And, I hadn't been there for a majillion moons! I Twitter every time I Diigo, so that seems like I am on 40000 times a day, but, well, not so much. There seems so much to keep track of out there!

I took a break from SL for a bit. Since I am not teaching this semester, there isn't an urgency to be there, so I tried out some other things. I start coaching diving next week, so I may still be a little scarce until I start teaching in January.

In any case, I thought that I should "try" to be more useful to the online community and post useful things here again. So....

My presentation for NMC is located here. The cool A-Z tools wiki is here. But, to make life a wee bit easier - here is the list!

A = Amazee, Animoto, A.viary and AwesomeHighlighter
B = Broth and BlockPosters and Brush Video
C = CoSketch and Campfire
D = Discipline Specific Tools and Diigo
E = Encyclopedia of Educational Technology and EgoBoxes
G = Google Suite and Group Table and Go2Web2.0 Directory
H = Huddle and Hulu
I = Indezine
J = Joodo
K = KEEP Toolkit and Kwout
L = LectureFox
M = Mixbook and Merlot
N = Ning
O = OneTrueMedia
P = Penzu, Project Gutenberg and Preezo and Picitup
Q = Qlubb and Qollage
R = RTM, Rememble and Review Basics
S = Slideshare and SpringNote and SlideRocket and Storytlr and scrnshots and Scrapblog
T = Technology Dictionary and Teacher Training Videos and Teacher Tube and TimeRime
U = Udutu
V = VoiceThread
W = Wikispaces and WeGameand Web2Rights
X = Xtimeline
Y = YouTube and Yudu
Z = Zotero

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