Thursday, September 06, 2007


OMG! I am guilty of blog neglect!!!!

The last few weeks have been a landslide of various things, so please accept my dear apologies for leaving you hanging around for new news.

The most important of the "busies" happened yesterday, as my little dude, dressed like Superman, walked into his first day of school. He, of course, was not at all sentimental. I, however, had two cameras and 3 boxes of Kleenex. Things were pretty bad when his wee little self poised himself in the Car-Seat-of-Wonder (we know it works, but none of us truly understands how - though we ALL adore the cup holders) and said quite frankly, "Mom. I am going to be just fine; you just wait and see. I promise...I will come home to eat." So, off he went in his cape to save the day.

All of the other Moms (the good Moms), waited at the door looking perfect; they were wearing cute pickly matched coordinates, glorious up-dos, and purses. They were all dressed up for the Biggest Day of The Child's Life. I, on the other hand, was wearing a ripped up Harley Davidson t-shirt, scrapply jeans, and sandals (the only thing a woman can do when she cries is wash the kitchen floor on her hands and is true). Smelling like lemon and sponges and something none of us should try to identify, I smiled weakly as the other Mommies got out their cameras and tissue boxes. Praise be! There is justice in the world.

Giddyup Man (this is his own creation and designated super hero name) loved (LOVED) school, and brought home his very first picture...a picture of a gun, 2 police cars and the General Lee. Written nicely above it, the teacher wrote "The Duke Boys chasing the bad guys and being chased by the cops." Ah, my boy...his first act of brilliance involved the Dukes of Hazzard and a pistol. I need to talk to The Boss about educational programming. He even got homework....the beauty of private which he profoundly said "Mom. I am 5. I simply DON'T DO homework." Ye gads. It starts already.

In any case, I think I will need to buy MORE tissues for when he starts Kindergarten next year (oh yeah - I DID mention that this was just preschool, right???).

So, this major event comes at the end of a rush of things. Starting with the SLCC inworld education conference (which was a blast), moving toward the start of classes (and 176 immersed SL students), and now has been hectic.

I am sad to report that in the time since I last wrote I have lost some RL friends (Jeanne and Mr. Gloss), and an SL friend, Billy Hartmann. I have also parted ways with my SL partner, a wonderful and kind man that deserves the world. As he moves on his SL, I wish him all the very best of both worlds. We parted with a beautiful friendship and some excellent memories, and it was with a sad heart that I watched him teleport away. We both knew it was coming; education is now my major focus in SL. But, he was with me back in the Days of Noob. And, as I remember him stumbling in from the snow wearing, um, well, a Noobie outfit, I remember fondly what it was like when SL was about exploration. I hope that my students, all 176 of them, find amazing friends like him.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing I could think when you described those other mothers is that they probably look like I do in SL.....and ONLY in SL.