Friday, August 17, 2007

Choosing her OWN Adventure

On Wednesday night, the Contemporary Fiction class at DeSales wrapped up. I am always a bit sad when classes end, and this group, my little literary pioneers, are special. They were my first "fully immersed" class. Other classes did unique lessons in SL but didn't spend EVERY lesson there.

I was a bit worried. I have to admit. The builds were going up...but the content just wasn't there. The students knew that they were being graded on content....they HAD to know...I only nagged them like a billion times.

And magic....the content starting popping and there...and then everywhere. Desperate calls from the library on main campus from one student...she was sitting with the librarian....where do we go next? Another student sending up flair guns to my Gmail...PLEASE help me figure out how to cite this and such....

All of a was working....

On the first night of class, Vodka4 Babii, a former Miller Light Girl and Senior in Pharma Marketing, announced that she hated reading and there was not one single thing I could do to make her like it. No offense, of course...

On the last night of class, there she stood in RL and in SL, next to her Choose Your Own Adventure maze, prouder than spit when she won the 50 USD Visa Cash Card for the People's Choice Award. Her maze taught the concepts of the genre, cited her sources, and used the design to immerse the audience.

Overall, the 8 week class went well; I learned a lot from the students, and - hopefully- they learned a thing or two, as well.

MANY MANY MANY thanks to Marcius Downing and Finger Lakes Community College for hosting our student plots this summer, and MANY MANY MANY thanks to Eloise Pasteur for donating her time as a builder/scripter for the students. Also, many thanks to Daliah Carter for helping students get dressed in bling and introducing them to SL social life and to Laura Nicosia for her help with the Gloria Naylor novels.

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