Saturday, August 04, 2007

Desi's got Dumbo

Today was one of those days where I was jumping for joy, but trying not to jump too-too much because I gotta double ear infection from swimming at the lake.

For one, I am getting ready to send an avatar over to the Teen Grid. This is soooo exciting because it is a chance to build literary content over there. The down side is that I have to have her packed and ready for Tuesday, and that means I seriously need to get cracking. If you have good educational content, and wish to share it with the teen grid, please send it with full permissions to Literature Binder inworld. Send an im, too, so I can give you credit for being super duper awesome.

Second, we heard word today that Dr. Nancy Trun's National Science Foundation grant aimed at working with the feral cat population was approved. Why do I care? Well, part of the grant supports the work of my students in technical writing. More importantly, though, this says that the NSF is looking at science and writing and are not opposed to funding projects that match writers with scientists. What can be more awesome that that? Well, working with Nancy! She is smart, funny, and TOTALLY addicted to cats (just like that OTHER scientist I love working with down there at Drexel (yeah, Jean-Claude - you). It is amazing to be surrounded by super smart people all of the time. Some get all nervous or threatened, but, truly, it is an inspiration.

Third, Eloise and I will be running a workshop for the up and coming NMC Symposium on Creativity. Working with Elo is always great, but I am reminded of our similar passion when we put together resources. Eloise is a scientist in RL and and educator, so she has the right combination of uber know-how. Watching her work is like sitting on the ledge watching Gaia.

Fourth, the land at the Educator's Co Op is finally open for visitors! I had my student there today and guests. It was exciting. It is called Desi and Eloise's Educational Chop Shop. More exciting? Laura Nicosia is getting a parcel there, too. When she and I get our literary brains a-flowing, just watch out! Yet another brilliant brain to be around! My SL is gooooood!

Fifth, I will be meeting with a Chronicle reporter next week to chat about SL. Of course, I am still all over glowing about USA Today and the Philadelphia Inquirer. It is exciting to get positive press for educators in SL. It is a little weird, though, as I always think that THIS brilliant or THAT brilliant person should also be mentioned.

Sixth, Adrian has built a wicked cool flying saucer, and I want a day to fly around in it using voice chat. I need to hear him say mauve incorrectly.

Finally, I am ready to launch out the Literary V-Canon project; this works in conjunction with the Literary Holodeck project, but is meant to be a gathering of all literature landmarks in SL. It is exciting to go around and search. But, more exciting, is the opportunity to meet MORE brilliant people!!!

So - in all, it was a good day. My throbbing ear drums and the antibiotics are making me a little icky feeling. My ears appear normal looking (so says the boss), but feel like Dumbo swapped heads with me. Went to the gentle and kind Dr. Glenn Kaye, who, despite an icky profession of looking up noses all day, is an interesting dude. He put this loooonnnnnng thinger in each ear - and - I SWEAR - it was attached to a Hoover power sucker on the other end. In any case, he was cleaning something brilliant out of there.

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