Thursday, August 02, 2007

Literature Alive! in USA Today

What a busy day!

The day started with a lovely brekkie with my good friend. I have decided that I am at the age when cranberry juice, while seemingly delicious, should be avoided (especially before a presentation). This is a shame, as, yum, cranberry juice is totally yummy. Perhaps I overdosed on it LAST summer when I spent a week in Cranberry, PA. They serve it with everything, and, well, I just could't say no. It is true; I am a cranberriholic.

Anywho; after I met with my 12 step, just say NO to cranberry committee, I headed over to the Lehigh Valley Technology in the Classroom Symposium. I had 45 minutes to wow the masses on the uses of Second Life in Education. You can see the slides over at SlideShare.

I returned home to find that my proposal to the Open Education 2007 conference in Utah was accepted. I think I am out of travel funds (sheesh Louise, I KNOW I am outta funds), so I am going to see if they will allow me to present virtually (that IS the bennie of Virtual Worlds, eh?).

Well, after a class discussion on Ursula LeGuin's depressing but telling short story, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, I came home to find this link waiting for me from USA Today. OF COURSE I sent it to my mother, father, neighbor, neighbor's dog walker, and neighbor's dog walker's great aunt Rosie. It isn't EVERY day that Schnecksville filters its way to a national paper!

It was a great day. Now, I need to go dream about all those cranberries I can't squash ad drink up :)

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

I hope you get to attend the conference in Utah on Open Courseware - I presented there a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Congrats on being the intro to the USA today piece!