Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The last few days in SL have been wonky. I had never heard that term before SL, but I am pretty sure there is no other word that can describe life in SL on a hack-day.

It started fairly innocent...the hair and shoes went up my butt. Generally, this says "clean cache." I do all that, relog, and poof, Desi is Barbie once again. 5 minutes later, I go to grab a steaming hot cup of tea, double bagged, 2 glorious Splenda, and I return to a message "you have been logged out by an administrator."

OH NO!!!! They FINALLY discovered that my inventory, near 37,000 objects, is causing the lag in SL and are revoking my fishing privileges! WHAT TO DO!?

A quick phone call from Daliah, then my next door neighbor, and then a Gchat from Elo confirms that, no, indeed, it is a grid-wide problem. Whew. I hadn't unpacked the glamour-pink thigh high studded boots yet. Whew.

We finally get in, but I am stuck at home. Can't TP anywhere. So I sit (above) on the couch thingy and do other things. I read my daily dose of blogs, SL Insider, and SLNN. I played some games with the kids on our newly released vintage Atari while listening to old Rolling Stones 45s on my newly released record player thinger-ma-bob. I explained the meaning of life and did an in-depth comparative study with my 5 year old convincing him the Cocoa Pebbles are way better than Cocoa Puffs. Folded laundry, fixed dinner, and then played 3 rounds of Texas Hold Em (NOT in SL...NOT in SL....NOT in SL). Returned to see Desi sitting on her pillow thingy, and, lo, she STILL couldn't move. Decided to use the down time to sort my Grid Crashing inventory before Phillip Linden revoked my SLibrary card. No go. I had neither an inventory nor friends to complain about it to...

Weekends in SL are wonky. There just ain't no better way to say it!

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