Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Summer Lovin'

What I did on my summer vacation:

1. Taught my kids Green Grow the Rushes, Ho!, London Bridge, and Kumasaka.

2. Left hot dogs on the grill for 3 hours.

3. Lost my cell phone 6 times (not yet recovered it).

4. Watched Superman Returns 3000 times.

5. Watched Batman Returns 3000 times.

6. Bought my son a tuxedo so he could be a Blues Brother.

7. Got chased down by the beach police for walking with my husband along the shore line (um, how did I know that it was illegal after 11? Ok, there were signs. But, I sincerely didn't see them. cough).

8. Watched fireworks from the beach with my kids, and then built a three foot Volcano in the night sand. Then played every stupid boardwalk game out there. Had to carry the 3 foot Nemo for at least 17 miles back to the hotel.

9. Collected 75000000000 (so it seemed when they fell out in the van) soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey.

10. Tried Escargot.

11. Counted Dolphins with my kids on a morning excursion

12. Fetched my sandal from the same water when the 4 year old "Curious Jugi" tossed it overboard.

13. Converted the entire living room into the BatCave.

14. Rescued my son from the clenches of an angry goose.

15. Created Ubieye JuJuFruit (the family Neopet)

16. Built Hell with Eloise

17. Watched the sunrise in my bathrobe at a restore Victorian B and B (after setting of the fire alarm 3 times from the shower)

18. Watched Curious George 20000 times

19. Watched I Love Toy Trains 60000000 times.

20. Got a Slip and Slide Injury

21. Hired my niece to be a Mommy's Helper

22. Co-Chaired the BPE conference

23. Flew 6 hours to San Francisco

24. Beat 6 guys at poker at the paint ball trip (yeah - told ya so)

25. Enrolled my son in Tai Kwon Do

25. Played pinball

26. Picked cherries with my kids

27. Met lots of great new people in SL

28. Met some Lindens

29. Found my junior high diary - laughed so hard, I snorted

30. Fell in love with teaching (again)


Clare Lane said...

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