Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jail Break!

In a very exciting twist of events, I got locked up in the Relay for Life Slammer! Avatars donated Linden to place me in the slammer, and then shelled out more to meet the 50,000 Linden bail. I crashed shortly after the bail was met.

SL was laggy, wouldn't allow linden transfers, locked up the friends lists, and locked me on a island I never heard of... My shoes went south to take shelter in my pixelated tookas, my hair reverted to newbie-mullet, and nothing worked, no matter how hard I tried.

Now, it may serve some to get angry about all that, but, lo, it is cause for celebration!

It has long been my philosophy that people will choose GOOD content over porn if it is there. This weekend is an excellent example.

In the short time I was there, the Relay-for-Life Jail cells made about 100,000 Linden. There was no room at the Inn, and no avatars could teleport in. People had to send linden so that the bail could be posted. What a WONDERFUL problem to have!!!!

Now, admittedly, I have a vested interest. My Dad is one year in remission. So, Relay for Life is important on a few levels. But, ore than that, it was an event that pulled together most of the grid for an excellent cause. All over the grid, events were held to raise money and awareness.

Tasia Tonic reports that her group raised 130,000 Linden at a concert earlier that night. All over the grid, people were donating money to help others. They were participating in events like concerts, walks, and contests to help others. They were using SL technology to raise awareness and money about a RL killer. They were celebrating living heroes and remembering the fallen heroes.

I can live with getting stuck on some unknown island, and I can live with newbie hair and my shoes up my butt. I would take a million days of that if it means that people will continue to use SL to help others struggling for REAL hair, REAL movement, REAL life.

Many congratulations to the organizers of the RFL activities. Many thanks to Larry Pixel (Larry Johnson) and NMC for letting me get locked up. Many thanks to all of the avatars that helped bail me out: Gus Plisskin, Happyholly Grigges, Eloise Pasteur, JJ Drinkwater, Desmond Shang, Tasia Tonic, Vernox Myng, Lilleth Bailey, Anastacia Austinmer, Zak Carter, Larry Pixel, and the many others that donated that I didn't know.

People will pick good content if it is there to choose. The RFL campaign in an excellent example!!!!

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