Saturday, July 14, 2007

Go to Hell (visit, then come back)

At faculty convocation, when all my peer faculty peeps talk about their vacations and various landscaping mishaps, it will no doubt be asked:

So....Beth...what did YOU do this summer?

Oh, my friend Eloise and I built Hell in 48 hours; you?

The Dante's Inferno classroom is actually not the prime focus of our recent build. The Linden Hills Classroom is TRULY the focus (if you have not read it, stop here, tarry not, go to Amazon, buy Linden Hills by Gloria Naylor). The students at DeSales University are reading the novel as part of their contemporary fiction course as part of an author study on Naylor. Literature Alive! created all of her novels in SL except her newest (1996). But, if you click on my profile, you can visit the Men and Women of Brewster Place, Bailey's Cafe, and Mama

Linden Hills (ironic name, indeed) is based on the concept of the Inferno. Each layer leads down to Luther Nedeed's house at the center of the bottom. I have taught this novel for the last 10 years, and have never been able to communicate the links to the Inferno effectively. Students did not have a foundation in Dante to understand the connections. In SL, students are able to SEE the connections, and are "getting it."

Residents can also participate by adding suggestions for content. All of the Literature Alive! builds are intended for community use, and the Inferno, in the 48 hours it has been open, has attracted about 200 visitors.

Eloise Pasteur did an amazing job terraforming, and the display, itself, is low prim. Larry Pixel at NMC has been so kind to loan the space for the class (the actual RL class), but it can't stay there. The problem isn't prim (believe it or not, Hell weighs in at about 350 prims). The problem is is a full sim. Sadly, most folks dont have a spare sim to donate. So, if you know anyone with some extra space (like, an island), send em my way :-)

And, so, on Wednesday night, the Inferno will get placed in my inventory. How many people can say, "Hell will be in my pocket."

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