Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back in the V-Saddle

Is that Hell in your pocket, or are you unhappy to see me?

I was on vacation these last few days - well a conf-acation (first two days conference; second two days vacationing). I had a nice break from SL as I played about 60000 boardwalk games with my boys, ate way tooooooo much butta, and raced around in the Grand Prix family fun car.

On Sunday, I returned home and Eloise and I packed up the Inferno/Linden Hills project. It was like ripping apart my heart (not to be overly dramatic or anything). But, it was a dream of mine to build something like that (thank GOD for the building/scripting skills of Miss Eloise...!!!), and I am ever-sooo-appreciative of NMC for hosting it for 10 days. You can read about it at the Lit Alive! Blog.

Lots of fun things always happen when I go away. In my home town of oh-little-town-of-Bethlehem, there was a wickedly cool gas price war between the WaWa and Hess gas stations. The lines caused accidents; the people scurried in the streets! But, lo, I was playing a mean game of beach volleyball with the tykes and missed the fist fights.

The Educators Co-Op launched its program (and yes, of COURSE, I secured a spot - it is like the ideal college dorm!!!!). NMC launched their poster sessions from their RL conference, and my good puppy pal, CDB, just launched a new NMC video jukebox

Adrian and I found out where all the random prims were hiding at our private residence and the Renaissance Classroom had to be packed up while the prim hoggers were identified (it is being moved to the Herot Hall Classroom).

SLNN hired a new reporter, a teacher, to be the reporter for educational news. He is funny, but BRUTALLY honest (much like Eloise who writes for SL Insider). It is good to see someone dedicated to educational news (besides the goddess Eloise and that wonderful Milosun, who runs the Picayune) in a community-wide paper.

ok, I think that is all the news on this front, more later - I have to do about 18 loads of beach laundry....woot!

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