Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dumpster Diving and The Literature Alive! Team: Woot!

Daliah was a student of mine in the Spring semester, and now is a professional shopper for Literature Alive! Her unofficial title is Daliah, Queen of the Freebies. I give her a list of things I need for the classrooms, pack her up with some Linden, she runs off to those magical landmarks of hers, and POOF! Dynamic Daliah scores (and brings me change!).

In our spare time (what little I have anymore, har har), we go lucky chair hunting (which is hard seeing as our names both start with a D). We also like to go dumpster diving!

We then repack the freebies and pass them out at the School Store in our Lucky Chairs or Daliah loads them into the dumpster, garbage can, or (in the gothic classroom) coffin. You can stop in anytime, right click, harvest, and grab freebie goodies. She has some sort of system of folders and more folders and categories and whatnot. But, only Daliah understands the mechanisms of her job.

Eloise, that Goddess of Building and Scripting, creates most of the builds for Literature Alive! I give her my ideas, tell her what I would like to see, and she either makes it or laughs at me. Neoznet Watts, the other builder for Literature Alive!, laughs along with her.

Most of the content is done by me, but, recently, I brought on LauraMaria as a content developer. She and I share a passion for teaching, and we often teach many of the same texts. We also have about 5 other volunteers that pitch in to help on various projects.

As Literature Alive! continues to grow, we will need more land and more volunteers. Ideally, we might find an actual sponsor that will foot the bills and provide stipends to some of the workers and pay for texture uploads. But, there is always tomorrow :-)

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