Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Imagination Station

As some of you know, I just returned from SL Views 5 in San Francisco. This is a gathering of various residents from different communities in SL that provide feedback to LL about SL. It was an incredible experience and one of the top 10 coolest things I have ever done (sorry, child birth still out ranks it, lol).

Now, before we all grab tea, settle in, and peruse this post for juicy inside details, I have to preface these comments by saying, sorry, there are no juicy details. I gave my word that I wouldn't share the details, and I am sticking to it - since our word really is the only thing we have in Second Life to give. I won't even tell my RL husband who doesn't even have an SL account. I take it THAT seriously.

Having said that, you might wonder - well, Desi, WHY are you writing a post that is much ado about nothing?


There is some criticism of the SL views program by persons that are clearly jealous about not being asked to participate. In reality, the SL views program is structured so that there are voices from all over the grid. This is far more practical than having a town hall or forums. SL Views is not about elitism, it is really an opportunity for people to advocate for their areas of interest in SL. I can honestly say that not one person in this team was self serving; everyone advocated generously and carefully for their representative populations. It was truly educational to learn about these other communities, as 99% of my time inworld is spent in engaging in educational adventures.

So, the questions you might have are ones that I can't answer. SLed mailing list REALLY is the best place to get ideas and advice for education. Shared collaboration is truly the best route toward knowledge. Philip Linden is a REALLY cool guy and very down to earth, normal, and funny. He truly has a heart of gold. That may sound all Velveeta, but it is true. He is a nice guy. It makes me WANT to make SL an even better place knowing that its creator isn't all about the money, but is truly passionate about the human condition. The Lindens, likewise, share that passion. They are funny, kind, wear cool shoes, and are brilliant. I don't mean that in the typical wishy-washy way (ah, such and who is a brilliant chap). These people are over-the-edge brilliant.

The other residents (some have been "outed" elsewhere, but I won't get into all that here), are just an amazing mix of people. Hats off to LL for their choices in creating this team. We were all very different, didn't always agree about things, but our passion for SL rooted us in a common bond. The group was diverse but dynamic, and these folks are some of the COOLEST and SMARTEST people I have ever met (in all realities).

To sum up, SL Views 5 was an honor, and it is among the coolest things I have ever done. But, what made it cool wasn't just the opportunity to go, but the opportunity to meet other people that live on the side of creativity and passion.

The experience can be summed up in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.


AMO Studio said...

Philip almost reminds me of a soap opera star, except without the bravado. I liked the nature of the Lindens, that's why I've stuck around SL even when the tech wasn't always working out the way we hope.

Enthusiasm and more free gifts!

KJ Hax said...

Ah! Thanks for this. And, thanks for representing the views of the education folks, I'm sure, so wonderfully! What an honor and privilege, indeed. It is especially fitting given all you've done for so many for so long. Keep up the great work! -kj-

Beth Ritter-Guth said...

There are many people who can effectively advocate for the educators using SL; so many do GREAT work!

It was an honor to be there in any capacity, but the most compelling part was the seed of trust. So, to answer your previous comment, no, I really can't share intimate details. I can only say that our Second Lives are in VERY good hands.