Saturday, February 09, 2008

Collaboration in Second Life: A World of Possibilities

I apologize for slacking off here, but I have been busy presenting, teaching, and doing all sorts of RL things. My hectic schedule is a wonderful tribute to the wonderfully chaotic nature of working in SL.

I belong to many groups in SL, and I would belong to about 65 more if they would allow such a thing. Obviously, Literature Alive! is my most active group (245 participants so far!). But here are some other groups that I love:

1. Real Life Educators - this is the official SL group for educators started by Pathfinder Linden. It is the most comprehensive list of educators inworld.

2. The Educators Coop - this is a group that I belong to by virtue of my membership in the Coop. It is quite active, and members like Grandma Bates (pictured) make it interesting and worthwhile.

3. ISTE - They offer a lot of great workshops and speakers.

4. Elven - They offer a lot of great resources geared to K-12 educators.

5. NMC Guests - NMC offers a lot of great programming (arts and education related).

6. SLDev - this is a group for developers in SL and is the one place where you can go with a technical question.

Now, I wish we could have more groups because I would totally add to my list of favorite shopping places. Lots of people ask about my favorites, so here they are:

For Hair - ETD, Calla, Panache

For Clothes - DE Designs, Crave, and Pixel Dolls

This is a pic of my super secret home :-)

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Vicki A. Davis said...

This is a great overview (I wish it was easier to add the SLURL's here.) You are by far one of the best practioners in Second life. This is a great overview. I sent it through my feed and submitted it to digg. Great overview.