Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Techno Lust or Techno Lazy?

What is technolust? According to an article in the Washington Post, it is the reason why all that wicked bright technology goes unused in our schools.

Teachers interviewed for the article claim that teachers that use technology are lazy and THAT laziness is the motivation for the techno lust sweeping the educational floor boards.

I donno. I have met a lot of these technolustful teachers (Vicki Davis, Kevin Jarrett, Kathy Schrock). Not one of them is lazy, and not one of them uses technology to make life easier for them...it is to make learning RICH for students.

Frankly, the ones not using the technology are the lazy ones. They refuse to be taught anything new, and want everyone to applaud their stoicism. Horse Hockey.

The problem ISN'T buying the stuff (as the article suggests), it is that the Gen X and Boomer teachers refuse to LEARN it...

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Kathy Schrock said...


Thanks for the kind words, and those of us who do fulfill our technolust by trying the new gadgets are, as you state, proposing reasonable ways to use them to impact teaching and learning when appropriate. (And to do it for the least cost possible in these hard budgetary times!)

It's never about owning the gadget-- it's about using it with students (and students using it) in innovative, engaging and useful ways for access to information, collaboration, communication, and construction of new knowledge.

Kathy "The Gadget Geek" Schrock
(and proud of it!!!)