Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bits, Bobs, and Other Such News

Ok, so I NEVER knew what Bits meant in other parts of the world. Now I do. Bob told me.


I have posted up a little ditty about some useful tools for those of us using SL to teach over at the Stingy Scholar. Go over yonder and check it out. Once you are done perusing my crafty prose, scroll down and check out allllll the leads to free goodies in this wonderful weberland.

Here is an extra credit question...the first person to answer gets a gold star and some Desideria loving...who is this dude over here and why is he griefing my blog?


Eloise said...


Perhaps he wonders when you're going to make your

Eloise said...

my bad...

your "Address to the scholars of the Village School of EduNation" ? :)