Friday, March 30, 2007

The Crash of 2007

You are not allowed to read this until you first read my article over at Stingy Scholar called Beth’s Top 10 List of Kick-Arse SL Movies. Then you can come back and peruse my tantalizing prose.

Seeing that I am benched from Second Life (yes, yes, you see me on and then I fall off…I am trying, as a true addict, to get in and function), I thought I would try to make some good use of my infinite free time (what DID I do before SL???). My college gave me a loaner laptop, but, um, no one bothered to check the graphics card….I am not sure what is more frustrating…having a deep fried computer or a nice one with no ability to run SL. I think I might need a 12-step plan, as I am having serious withdrawal.

Since I can at least blog on this antique laptop, I shall update all my blogs and read my bloglines for a change (OH!!!! THAT is what I did before SL).

First, I have been meaning to congratulate my good buddy, Jean-Claude Bradley, down at Drexel University, for his recent interview on National Public Radio. Jean-Claude is an Organic Chemist with a mission and drive to open source scientific code. He also won a Blue Obelisk (which might be green, I am not sure) from the open chemists. In English, we have the lovely Gutenberg Project that has opened up a lot of texts for us, and he is trying to do something similar with chemical data. He is a visionary, and it is why I named the Bradley Science Center (Edu Island II) after him. Open Notebook Science is an answer to expensive and lengthy cures for diseases that no one gives a rip about (except people like us, for course). The Jean-Claude Bradley Center for Open Notebook Science will soon be moved to Nature Island (thank you, Joanna Wombat). The Orgo Chem mazes will be built there as well as the simple quiz games designed by the gorgeous and brilliant Eloise Pastuer.

Second, Adrian and I have been all a-flutter in our spare Knightsbridge home (actually, it is called the Student Gallery of Knightsbridge…but it is sooooo posh to say “spare home” in a sentence with Knightsbridge). JJ Drinkwater, amazing librarian and all-around-gentleman, of Caledon graciously offered us some loaner displays, and we are in the midst of placing the London Exhibit in the Gallery. When we are done, we will have a grand opening formal party, so you must clear your social schedule and attend.

Finally, I am TOTALLY and UTTERLY excited about the 2007 International Technology Expo. That is a picture of my booth up there (thanks, Digger, for sending me a photo).

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Thanks for all of your help with Second Life! I look forward to seeing how it works with the students.