Monday, March 12, 2007

Foot in Mouth and Other Twice Told Tales

Right...soo....remember how I said I was going to be a marble wall of stone and not have ANY friendships or relationships in SL?

Well, I am dislodging my foot from my mouth as we speak...

As people have commented here, SL relationships - of any kind - are just like RL relationships. They require some time for building; they require tenderness, compassion, and genuine emotions.

I am happy to report that I am reformed, and now believe that all SL relationships are a good idea. Ok...I don't believe that...I still have a hard time dealing with the Gorean slave crap, oops, scene.

I have met some really great people in SL. From my days as Barbie, I still count Angela and DJ as two of the coolest SL chics I have ever met. And, thus, real friendships, albeit digital, have emerged. In education, I have met scores of wonderful people, and have established friendships with some hefty-cool people. I can't even begin to name them all, as I would miss someone and swallow my leg.

In London, I have my very good friend Ligeia. She is just brilliant, and saves my newbie-can't-build-count-or-design butt at least 54 times per day. We have bonded over re textured walls and flying carpets. She has rescued items from Chelsea, and awed me with her ability to find little teensy weensy 56 prim items in my carpet. Truly, she is a star among stars (and, she spends a lot of time in the house...woot).

The two strongest relationships I have in there are between my builder, Neo, and, um, well, Adrian (you know...the chap I swore off a few posts ago).

Neo is, by far, the most brilliant builder and scripter I know (running in close with Ligeia). He is dedicated, committed, and creative. He is rather quiet, but he does amazing work. I like him because I understand his passion; he creates visually what I wish to create on paper.

Finally, there is Adrian. Adrian is magical, and he makes the building of a home in SL worthwhile. He reminds me to enjoy the "game" because, like in real life, I would work myself to death and forget to watch the sunset. He wisks me away from framing YET ANOTHER picture of Byron to fly off in hs helicopter...he takes me ballroom dancing...and he stll loves me when my shoes land in my butt after a bad teleportation. aaahhh..true SL love.

It does help that the RL hub is amused ;p goes the foot...toes to heel.

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Island Princess said...

Love this post, Beth. You seem to have such wonderful friends. I, on the other hand, am such a recluse, I don't know if I will ever develop such wonderful friendships. My one or two friends in SL who I talk to are so involved with their inworld building or creating that I don't see them often. Maybe I need to develop a new attitude...but, then again, I can't help being who I am.