Monday, July 07, 2008

I am an EduPunker!

Finally! A Category for ME! Edupunks are those people irritating the curmudgeons at colleges and schools all over the nation. We are the ones who don't live and die by the status quo. We are the ones that truly believe that STUDENTS are at the heart of teaching (and not our trumped up egos!). Are you an Edupunker?

In addition to LOVING this song, this is me:


MaggieMarat said...

Oh Yeah! That's it -- what they said - that's me - whooo hooo! Tear down the walls (oustide the box? What box - what IS THE FLIPPIN BOX everyone says I am out of?? I CAN'T EVEN FIND THE BOX!!!!!

Laura Nicosia said...

I embrace my edupunk status! Let's form a club or group--pick an icon--get a tattoo!