Friday, July 04, 2008

OMG! I need Karma

Oh jeebus.

I heard about three new tools at NECC...Diigo, Chatzy, and Plurk. Well, truthfully, I had heard of Diigo before, but had no idea why I needed one more sharing tool. I share on all the other tools...for the love of Pete...

But, I stand corrected. Diigo is better than all the others. I dont know how to explain it, but it just does more. You can highlight, comment, share, twitter, etc. It has a great tool bar, too. Mostly, I hate add on tool bars, but this one is actually easy to use.

Chatzy is a tool that allows you to create a free virtual room. It was used at the back channel for our NECC presentation, and I really like it.

The last tool is a little odd, and the jury within my mind is still mulling it over. It is called Plurk. It is a visual Right to Left version of twitter. Or maybe it IS twitter, or maybe a competitor? Who knows. Anywho, it tells me I have no Karma and I have to earn it. PUHHHHHLEEEEEZE.

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