Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Progress 101

Wow! What a week!!!!

Some super duper exciting stuff is going on inworld, so I have to sit back here for a wee moment and try to absorb it all.

First, my buddy at Drexel, Jean-Claude Bradley, bought an island on behalf of Drexel's library and the College of Arts and Sciences. Eloise Pasteur, goddess of SL building and scripting, shaped the island like their mascot, Mario the Dragon, and had it done in like 7.6 minutes (or so it seemed to me). We are all standing on the new island in that picture above. JC had a wee bit of a makeover (FINALLY)...he went from this, um, avatar to that cool cat pictured above.

Second, the Best Practices Conference is shaping up very well. IBM has signed on to sponsor speakers, we have over 250 confirmed attendees, and about 30 presentations (and the due date hasn't even arrived!).

Third, I am totally excited about my students coming inworld on May 14th. These courses are open to at-large participants, as well, so if you interested in learning about literature, please stop in for discussions!

I am overwhelemed by the speed of progress in SL. Moreso, I am impressed and captivated by the educational community.

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