Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Week One

The summer classes started! I am not sure if I should jump for joy or hide under my bed. In any case, my cord doesn't reach far enough to do either :-)

The Women and War learning community is off to a great start! Dave L is such a pleasure to collaborate with on educational goodies (for a dean and all), and the material is engaging. Dave is teaching WW2 history, and I am teaching Women's Studies. We are using SL as an enhancement tool thanks to Drexel University's donation of land.

British Literature is up and running, and it proves to be an exciting class. I can't WAIT for our virtual pilgrimage!!!

American Literature is also looking good. Starting in a raw forest, students will carve out a national literature space. We had a great chat about what makes literature national...GOOD STUFF!

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

With everything you've done to help build Drexel Island I am very happy that you can use a patch.