Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bailey's Cafe and Women of Brewster Place

Here is how it would go...

How I spent my Summer Vacation by Betsey

My summer vacation was spent creating virtual learning environments, riding in a virtual carriage, and creating friendships with people all over the world that were met in virtual spaces.

As was my experience in public education, the note on the returned paper says:

You have quite an imagination, Betsey. Please stick to the assignment, and don't create fiction; this is a Serious assignment. Revise and Resubmit.


Above are pictures of the newest series of classrooms for Literature Alive! The Bailey's Cafe Classroom and the Brewster Place Classroom are located on a sky pad generously donated by Butch Dae. The Mama Day/Willow Springs classroom on CHSS Montclair is finished, and I am hunting down a plot of land for Linden Hills. Many thanks to Eloise Pasteur for her talented builds; she whipped out a whole community in an hour. It amazes me.

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