Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Breathing New Life

It broke my heart to give up the Literature Alive! Headquarters on Lukekini island. Even though it is has moved to EduIsland II, there was something very special about Lukekini. Sadly, though, it was a residential sim, and, well, residential sims have a hard time coping with educational scripts.

The garden classroom at LA! HQ was my favorite place to work. Above is the last shot taken before I packed it up for the move.

In the past few weeks, as I have moved the various LA! classrooms, I have - literally - had to grab the tissues. When I moved out of Knightsbridge, I had to stop in the middle. My heart was broken. The very practical part of my brain knew it had to be done, but my heart was not willing.

Packing up Literature Alive! HQ and the British Literature Classroom at Knightsbridge proved to me that SL is more than just a fancy. Teaching in SL has become part of my heart. But, Literature Alive! has grown and it was time to move on. New projects have been built, and more are on the way.

The Willow Springs Project on CHSS Montclair is nearly done and students will begin using Bailey's Cafe and Brewster Place at VIT on Wednesday. Lori Bell and the Alliance Library has generously donated space for a Gothic Classroom to teach the works of Mary Shelley (Frankenstein, et al), Dracula, and Horace Walpole. The British Literature Classroom at Camelot features the Lady of Shallot and her tower.

Students will be building their own projects on land generously donated for the summer by Finger Lakes Community College, and living in apartments at Brewster.

It is amazing time to create literature projects in SL, and I am touched by the generosity of the community in helping to host these classrooms.

But, a little part of me still remains in these two first places. These were my first two academic places, and they took forever to build and decorate to make them educational. So, saying good-bye was necessary but not easy.

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