Monday, June 04, 2007

A Life in the Woods

Thoreau had it right on the spot with life in the woods.

These last few days, I have been working with AJ Brooks, Eloise-the-scripting-goddess, and Neoznet Watts on building a new American Lit classroom and Literature Alive HQ on AJ's Land at CHSS Montclair.

The new classroom features the Edgar Allan Poe House and The Young Goodman Brown Walk.

Thanks to Elo, the Poe House TOTALLY has everything you expect = hidden hearts, skeletons, traps, doors, cats, cobwebs, and eerie stuff.

The YGB walk ends at a bonfire where an Alice scripted rock pesters you to define your ideas about Faith.

The Canterbury Tales Virtual Pilgrimage is also finished. It will take palce next week inworld at 11am SLT, but anyone can use it before. There are 12 stations of the Cross that ask participants to act out characters from the Tales.

On the homefront, Adey is building the most amazing house on our private parcel. His building skills are amazing, and I pale in comparison. I planted some ducks and an outdoor patio with lots of flowers. It is sooooo my kind of place!

And, so, I slink off to bed....tired...happy...excited.

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Anonymous said...

I visited the Poe house today, and got lost inside of it. I actually felt a bit of anxiety! Wonderfully done. I can't wait to explore the rest.