Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dogs Rule: An Interview with NMC

I had the very good fortune to chat with Alan Levine (RL) / CDB Barkely (SL) at NMC Virtual Worlds. Alan is such a cool guy; if you have not yet met him, you sooooo need to do that right quick. You can't miss him; he is the cutest dog around.

You can hear me blabber on with him at the NMC Campus Observer.

It is sooooo exciting to talk to Alan, as he has a true passion for SL education. That kind of excitement is infectious, and we could spend 4 days drinking tequila, singing 80s rock songs, and chatting about virtual education. I might even toss a scooby snack or two at him.

Many thanks to Alan for his energy, passion, and leadership in Second Life.

On Thursday, I will be presenting at the Philadelphia Future Salon. You can get a heads-up view of the slides by checking them out on Slide Share.

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