Monday, January 07, 2008

Griefing in Second Life

The lovely and talented Zotorah Shepherd gave me the following notecard announcing an AWESOME opportunity for teachers! Even though ELVEN is geared to K-12 teachers, this is an awesome chance for educators of all levels to learn about griefing!

Teachers, still finding your way around SL?

Join the ELVEN Institute as we explore basic and advanced SL skills. Just like our students, we rushed into SL without reading the homework, and now we’re here without knowing the basics. ELVEN is here to help! Educators and Librarians in a Virtual Environment hosts a series of workshops designed for the Pre-K through 12 teacher to equip you with the basics of Second Life, including communication, clothing, shopping, using your mouseview to explore, editing your appearance, and how to find useful freebies.

Our next workshop will focus on griefing and harassment and how to protect yourself. This workshop will focus on how educators can protect themselves and their students. Participants will be introduced to the forms griefing can take, methods of protecting yourself and how to request assistance and report abuse.

You’ll receive personal guidance in a small group setting with other educators to help you find your way around SL and meet new educators in SL.

Join us Saturday morning, January 19th, from 8 to 10 am SLT. Please register now at

For more information, contact Dewey Jung in world or via email at

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