Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Students RAWK!!!

They do. They totally RAWK!!!

My 106 (lit) students get up at the crack of dawn...all 30 of them...and they manage to get to English class. They pretend to be galloping knights or ladies of Shallot (saying "Dang! He's cute" when looking in the rear view tower mirror.

They used Animoto to create tributes to Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes in honor of MLK.

They used GCast to create oral versions of various poems.

Tomorrow, they will start using Imagination Cubed to help design 3D poems for Second Life.

The students in EN 104 (Comm Thought 2) used Animoto to create awesome "What it means to be an American" displays.

The students in EN 107 (tech writing) have started working on their Feral Cat Projects using Mixbook and Wikispaces. The students in CMN 112 are gearing up to work with Hiro Sheridan on a Cryptology project.

They totally rawk. Totally.


Brad said...

Hi Beth,

It's really cool how you've incorporated Animoto into your classroom. I took a look at each student's video and while all deserve an A I give my A+'s to James, Amy and Nicole. Good work class!

Brad Jefferson
CEO & Co-founder

Lesya said...

Yes, I agree this is very interesting! I wonder how you handle copyright issues with such displays? Thank you!

Beth Ritter-Guth said...

Thanks for the comment, Lesya. Copyright is an intersting issue. Since only 30 seconds of any song is played in the student Animotos, it is considered a sample (this is the same length as the samples in iTunes, for example). In the longer versions that I create, I only use Podsafe music.

lesya said...

I appreciate your prompt response, Beth!