Sunday, January 06, 2008

Useful Writing Advice

I love the magic of the web. Mark Bell tagged an article on his Google Reader from Dr. Curt Bonk about writing.

The resource is excellent, and is being added to the reading list for English 104. As a result of Mark's post, and my subscription to Mark's feeds through Google Reader, I am able to provide the best on the web. (BTW: Mark also has a nice blog post about gender mechanics; y'all should read that, too).

I am quite sure my friends on Google Reader have turned me off, as I star and share just about everything. But, I like to be able to find things, so, thus, a lot gets starred, and I often think that others might enjoy reading some of the posts, so I share everything, too.

In any case, thank you, Mark, for the tip, and thank you, Curt, for an awesome blog that has now made its way into my Google Reader!

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