Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh My, I Have Hit the Big Time



I must have hit the big time. I got my very first piece of hate mail (now, don't y'all start sending me notes). Evidently, my overuse of the word awesome is indicative of my limited vocabulary. The poor man has been forced to suffer through reading the rubbish presented here; in fact, he gave me advice on how to close my computer and read books again. But, hmmm, perhaps the same option is not available to him?

In any case....

My sincere apologies for overusing valley girl words (you see, I am a product of the 80s...), so, if you need therapy for my wording, I encourage you to get it and to send the bill to Molly Ringwold, Judd Nelson, and the rest of the 80s Brat Pack. You might be able to bill the PA Department of Education, as well. Jeez Louise, they let me out 15 years ago with such a limited vocabulary...what on earth could they be doing to children these days???

Oh my, and he blamed me for all of the poor speakers and writers in this generation. If only I had so much power;! Like, we would, OMG, say "awesome" or "gag me with a Ginsu" every other sentence. We would punctuate our sentences with "nuh UH!!!!!!!!!!" and "No Way, Dude!"

Or, perhaps, I could pass him a note folded like a triangular football (as we did back in those days). I would write my message in another language...perhaps he has even studied it (a man of his great worth and importance???).

Nolite bastardes carborundorum

So - anyway...just in case you were wondering...this is my BLOG. I write INFORMALLY on my blog. If you want to read or hear my FORMAL language, you should read my published writings or come to a lecture.

Isn't blogging AWESOME????????

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