Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Cool Cat of the Day: Carol Perryman/Carolina Keats

It is soooooo hard to pick out cool cats. EVERYONE is a cool cat!!!

Carolina Keats (SL), known as Carol Perryman in real life
, is the energy behind the Health Info Island goodness. In addition to having a cool last name in SL, she is an amazing visionary and Health Info Island is an AWESOME resource because of her leadership. In her profile, it says
"The Consumer Health and Medical Libraries at Health Info Island are here to help SL residents with health information needs. We are happy to host support groups, and to help you with questions. We are not physicians, but librarians, and believe that good quality information can help to empower you as a full partner in your health maintenance. There is never a charge for our services."

There are always engaging and informational displays at Health Info Island. Carolina is another of our silent troopers - she leads the way without a parade - and the information she helps coordinate is free and accessible to all residents. Her work, and the work of her team, might change a life. She is one cool cat :-)

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