Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Stingy Scholar is Back!

My uber buddy, Wynn Williamson, is back on deck over at the Stingy Scholar. He did a brief stint as a paid writer on Wide Open Education

Sadly, that gig ended because some new peeps bought out the OEDB, and, sucky them, they don't want to continue the blog.


The blog is home to such wicked content like:

Classic Podcasts
This is a post about the uber nifty site at Haverford College called Classic Podcasts. You can also go the ever more ubery coolio hot spot, TextKit, to learn Greek and Latin.

The Met Timeline
This post is about the Met's new web resource. I am sooooo drooooooooling....

I am, however, really happy Wynn is back at Stingy, but sorry that the WOE is a thing of the past. SHAME on the new owners.

On another note...I just founf the 2007 Web 2.0 awards. Some good stuff over there. Go now.

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