Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Teachers Helping Teachers

My good friends, Vicki and Thom Hicks, have been working with the children in Sierra Leone for years. They receive no pay; they raise money, and every penny goes to helping the people of Kabala, Sierra Leone. Their mission, Nazareth House, helps people of all faiths: Muslim, Christian, Jewish...They do not require membership in their denomination (or religion) to receive medicine, food, water, or education.

Earlier today, I got an email from Vicki about the teachers in the school (which meets, by the way, in a rice patty field). Right now, they have 4 teachers; each teacher is volunteering and no one gets paid. They keep losing good teachers because they need to make a living, too, and tend to move to villages that can pay teachers.

There are many things on Vicki's Christmas list this year; they want to finish paying for the school they are building in Kabala, and they want to make sure every person has medicine, food, and clean water.

But, one thing she really wishes for this Christmas is to be able to pay the 4 teachers 100 dollars a month. Can you imagine??? Can you imagine doing what we do for a measly 100 bucks a month?

I would love to be able to organize a team of people committed to donating a little bit each month to pay the teachers (thus, teachers helping teachers). If everyone gave just 1 buck, and we had 400 people, that would make all the difference in the world. But, 400 people don't read this blog, so if we all could just commit to 10 bucks a month, we only need 40 people...if we commit 20 bucks a month....only 20 people....you can do the math. I committed to paying for one teacher a month, so now we only need to raise 300 dollars. Can you spare a buck or two?

In an effort to help these teachers, I put together a wiki called Teachers Helping Teachers. The information for PayPal is there, and even if you only have a dollar to spare, I know that these folks will work magic with it. All donations are tax deductible, and Nazareth House is an official US charity.

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