Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reservations at Sardi's

I must admit...the kid has uber talent...all gussied up in his elaborate costume of pink cow ears and a little cow print smock, he was certainly the best pre-school cow I have ever seen. His portrayal was amazing; his moos were meaningful and deep. Clearly, agents will be calling left and right...he would sign autographs, but he forgets the order of the letters of his name. He was a shining star; a little disappointed that the role of Joseph went to some other kid, but in his words "don't worry Mommy, I don't need terapee." The cow role, I explained, was a much coveted role. All the other boys and girls were either angels or shepherds, but, lo!, there was only one cow.

After the first song, one bright little girl, perhaps one of the 612 angels, proclaimed "Ok, we sang the song, can we go home now?" She will likely graduate first in the class. During the song with the little bells, Moustache man's bells got caught up with Justin-almost-annoying-as-Timberlake and they spent the rest of the song trying to untangle them. They were, shall we say, enjoying that part a great deal. In good Guth fashion, my boy has just as much rhythm as his father, and so I don't really anticipate calls from the Royal Ballet.

But, that is ok. Sardi's is waiting.

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