Sunday, December 16, 2007

Double Post - The Cool Cats named Leslie Jarmon, Joe Sanchez, Paul Roberts, and Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks

So, yesterday I forgot to post my daily cool cat pick. Ugh. Well, what can be was the day to get little boy haircuts, go to the Nazareth Train Display, and go see Santa. We saw him twice. One time cost us nothing; the one with pictures and the long line cost us a mortgage payment.

Anywho. It was a fun filled day much from the reels of "Christmas Vacation." Everyone survived; no sewers blew up. All in all, it was jolly good fun.

My pick for yesterday was a triple take: Leslie Jarmon (SL: Bluewave Ogee), Joe Sanchez (SL North Lamar), and Paul Roberts (SL: Doc Lindman). They are the creators, organizers, and cheerleaders for the Second Life Educator's Coop. They are charged with organizing events and such for a bunch of over worked educators, and they do an astounding job. They keep up an acitve and interesting blog, host weekly edu-events, and are great resources for both new and veteran SL faculty.

My pick for today is Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks (RL: Denise Cote). Pip is relatively new to the SL scene, but in her short residence, she has created a flurry of activity with the community college educators. She also is helping facilitate the build of Tintern Abbey next to the British Gothic Classroom on EduIsland III. Pip is another silent soldier in the virtual army, and her contribution and diligence are amazing.

Music of the Day: Carol of the Bells

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Markie said...

Thank you Beth for such a lovely music video....I watched it just before starting my day .....while I drank my morning coffee..felt it so much I had to turned my speakers up loud waking "My whole body" up to the sounds of What A wonderful day sounds like... so full of life ..happiness....some apprehensions...a little sadness...but with self control can become a massive feeling of good thoughts and the desire to enjoy and face what life has to offer me today....the rumble of this music made me feel ..feel that my day would be whatever I wanted to make it I think to show love with a Happy smiling face. Happy Holidays you and everyone lucky enough to visit your wonderful blog!