Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Cool Cats of Christmas - The Science Peeps

Well, ok - this whole Cool Cats of Christmas thing isn't working out quite the way I had planned. See, today's nominee is Peter Miller (RL) also known as Graham Mills in Second Life. Graham is an amazing scientist going about his work with little pomp and circumstance. His blog is here, and it is quite interesting. Sadly, I know very little about chemistry; Shakespeare didn't toss about many molecular references, but I can appreciate his hard work on various tools for sharing. He is an absolute COOL CAT.

Now, here is the thing about the science peeps. ALL of them rawk, and all of them are quiet in their rawking. For example, Troy McLuhan over at the International Spaceflight Museum is just a really awesome guy; they do incredible work there, and, yes indeedy, they are a humble crew. Then we have the NOAA folks (who just released a new NOAA island with an oil spill an everything); they are wicked awesome, too. The we have Hiro Sheridan doing amazing things with molecules and Max Chatnoir doing rawking things with DNA (and, I must admit, I am a TRUE fan of her wicked awesome pooping has made its way into both Dante's Inferno AND the American Literature classroom...go figure). Then there is Jean-Claude Bradley at Drexel doing amazing stuff with Sci Foo and Open Notebook Science and molecular thingers and what not. And, if you know the story, JC is the reason I am into any of this at all - he introduced me to gaming in English and that snow ball turned into this boulder, and, thus, he is one of my all time coolest cats in Christendom. And, of course, Eloise Pasteur is a scientist, too. Her analytical mind balances my Keatsian spirit, and this is truly why we work so well together at Literature Alive!

Ok, so ALL the science people RAWK, and maybe this post should be for like the 8th day or something. But, Peter Miller, et al, keep up the awesome work!!!

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Peter Miller said...

Oh, wow! That is so sweet and undeserved! My poor little laptop darn near wept! I just want to thank everybody on the SLED list for making it such a fantastic and inspirational community. 'Nuff said -- I'm still blushing...

Jean-Claude Bradley said...

meow grrrr

Lang Gang said...

You also Rock my dear. English-type people are the ones who balance the cold austere beauty that we scientists create with feeling and meaning.