Thursday, December 27, 2007

Web Goodies

The problem with having off is that I have too much free time. So, I am combing through lists and lists of things I have wanted to read, watch, or listen to since last Christmas.

My son did something odd to our TV. In the 3 seconds it took me to pick up something on the floor, Moustache Man managed to set both the parental lock AND the timer on the TV. Now, you say, just use the remote control and fix it. Yeah. Well, I have not seen the remote control since we bought the TV, because, well, for one, I don't watch much TV and two, I use the VCR remote on those rare occasions when a remote is needed.

All this to say that I haven't had a chance to be inworld much because the only laptop that plays DVDs decently happens to be the SAME laptop that runs SL. Since Santa brought a boat load of videos, guess who is winning this challenge??? Thus, I am on a non-SL laptop using the time to pour over videos, posts, and other goodies.

So, here is a video by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush called "Don't Give Up." It is an excellent song. Peter is a humanitarian and I am a fan of his work and the work of Bono :-) So, I shout out whenever I can.

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I also enjoy Kate Bush's
Wuthering Heights.