Monday, December 03, 2007

Feed the REAL World

The holidays are fast approaching; the Boss and I have had our annual debate over colored or white lights (he won colored for the outside, and I won white lights on the tree). Moustache Man and Sharpie Boy have been helping me bake cookies (we have to bake more of them because, um, well, the reindeer must be reallllllly hungry and keep eating them all). Ebay is all nestled all snug in my pocket book. My virtual home is decorated; my real home is getting there.

Then I think of my friends, Vicki and Thom, who are working with the poorest in the world. In Sierra Leone, there will be no lights for Christmas because electricity is a whim and not a constant. At the Kabala Community School, the children will not be thinking of Batman toys or Barbie Dream Homes. They will wonder, again, if rice is for dinner, and whether the water used to boil it is filled with disease. The picture above shows their reality...their first lives...

I know money is tight. I pay the same high gas prices, and we have the same nasty bills. But, we are blessed by those things when these little children a world away have so little.

In your holiday giving, if you can even spare a buck, the kids at the Kabala Community School can use it to buy rice, to purchase a generator for their school, and to buy a water purifying system.

I know it is a lot to ask. You have to trust that Thom and Vicki Hicks are not scam artists. But, I can truly tell you - these are two of the kindest and most generous people on this earth. They give ALL of themselves to the service of others.

So, for a few linden converted to real money, you can help a child this holiday season. Please open your hearts (and your paypal accounts) and consider making a donation. And, yes, all donations are tax deductible.

Let's join together and spread some holiday cheer to those that have only one reality. You can learn about their work on their website (the PayPal button is on the bottom left). If you prefer to donate linden dollars, I will convert it and send it (IM Desideria Stockton). Please send an IM with your real name and email address so you can receive a receipt. Include the amount of Linden and the date you sent it, so I can accurately convert it to USD.

Sadly, the hungry and poor have been around a long time; this video (back when rock stars worked together for good) is a reminder of all that is needed:

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