Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Machine is Us/ing Us and Farewell to Chadrick Linden

Good grief...give me a few days off and I post like mad.

Good video alert...(and these were done by students...woot woot!)

The Video is Us/ing Us...a brilliant concept in the world of communication.

Here is another one called R/evolution:

And another one...A Vision of Students Today

On another note, Prokofy Neva alerted me to the news that my favorite Linden, Chadrick, is no longer with Linden Lab. Many thanks to Prok for letting me know; in one post, he says that the problem with virtual worlds is that "people don't sufficiently value virtual worlds," and I completely agree. Educators bang their heads up against peers, tenure, publication, and funding because no one gets the point.

I met Chadrick at SL Views 5, and he was really awesome. Well, truly, everyone was awesome. But, Chadrick has a lot of spunk and he and his friend, Taco, made me feel like I knew them for years.

I guess my question is: who else left or is leaving?


Marvel said...

Hi there! Wow, thanks for introducing me to the video work of Michael Wesch, assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University.
To answer your question, I left Second Life on a brief hiatus, but I don't plan to leave virtual worlds completely. I know an intriguing development when I see it.
Marvel Ousley
co-founder, SL News Network

Chris said...

Had seen the first and third videos; truly appreciate the second one - new for me. I liked it just as much as the other two - more appropriate and on point to the intro to computers class I teach.