Friday, December 14, 2007

Lori Bell/Lorelei Junot - Cool Cat O' Christmas

There are a whole host of librarians marching through cyberspace...virtual worlds are forunate to have a whole gaggle of them. Whether its Carolina Keats at Health Info Island, Abbey Zenith at Alliance Library, or JJ Drinkwater at Caledon, there are just awesome librarians everywhere.

Lori Bell, also known as Lorelei Junot
, is a quiet trooper with creativity and passion all mixed into her quest to provide edifying content on the uber grid. As director of the Alliance Second Life Library, we all benefit from her good works. Her newest project, the Land of Lincoln, is as awesome as the EduIslands. Lori's generosity of spirit has been evidenced many times through her donations of land to SLCC and Literature Alive! She helped save Renaissance Island from extinction. She is, truly, and example of a mover and shaper with heart and soul.

Please IM Lori and congratulate her for being a cool cat. She sets an example for all of us to follow :-)

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