Sunday, December 23, 2007

Drooling over Web 2.0 and Educational Technology

Over at the Stingy Scholar, I just posted up a shout out for my newest favorite blog written by Larry Ferlazzo. Larry's blog has an insanely long title, BUT BUT BUT, the content is AMAZING. I will be lost for weeks in there. Praise be for Google Reader! If you are subscribed to my Reader feeds, you can see the posts that I have ear marked for reading.

Of the many posts I love, the top web 2.0 tools for educators post is the best! I will be combing through that list and trying to see which tools can be mashed up with SL.

Larry was nominated for an EduBlog award, but he didn't win. Honestly, the guy should have won. His blog RAWKS!!!!! Don't take my word for it...go, go, go!

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Larry Ferlazzo said...

Hi, Beth,

Wow! You can't beat an endorsement like that. Thanks for all the kind words.