Sunday, April 08, 2007

2007 International Technology Expo

One of my missions in SL is to connect three populations.

First, I advocate for the connecting of academic resources. For example, I just met Fire Centaur today from English Village. Since they offer comprehensive ESL courses, there is no advantage to competing. I am honored to promote them.

Second, I advocate for the residential population as at-large learning communities. While they may not be enrolled in our colleges, they may want to learn all that we have to teach. Thus, all of my course materials are open access. The whole point of Literature Alive! is to break down boundaries; my dream is for every SL resident to find some sort of literature to love.

Third, I advocate for the business community. They have excellent tools out there that educators can use. PixelTrix, Eloise Pasteur's Educational Designs, and Phoenix Designs (laptops) are all examples of excellent technology available inworld. I am learning about more tools by being a part of the International Technology Expo.

Why should all of us go to the ITE Conference? Well, for starters, the creator, Liam Kanno, gave me a a space to set up shop..knowing that I sell nothing...create nothing technological...and can bring no revenue to Silicon Island. But, he still gave Literature Alive! a space to promote the mission of literary content in SL. Satya Murthy is also an advocate of global needs for children; his RL dedication to children in poverty is amazing, and his animation work is awesome. He was kind enough to donate a trailer for play at the Literature Alive! HQ.

There are some AWESOME tools being showcased at ITE, I won't tell you everything, as you are gonna have to come and SEE are some teasers...

What would YOU do with some groovy new speech tools?

What would your students do if they could get JOBS inworld?

What would your colleges do with advertising solutions?

What would you do if you information could be stored an accessible to students even when you are passed out from grading??

Really, you ought to mark your PixelTrix Calendar and go to the 2007 ITE. Here is information from their brochure:

April 20, 21,22


ITE 2007 is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative in technology products and services created by its residents for your business and personal needs.

OPEN 24/7

Grand Opening

EXPO SCHEDULED EVENTS* Details on Lectures, New Product Launches, Demonstrations,Discussions, EXPO Concert & Parties to be announced.

• Friday April 20 noon to 6:00 pm PDT 7:00 PM EXPO CONCERT - John Legend
• Saturday April 21 noon to 6:00 pm PDT 7:00 PM EXPO CONCERT - Black Eyed Peas
• Sunday April 22 noon to 6:00 pm PDT

*FREE 100 hours on from SUN to all attendees who visit their
booth during the ITE's scheduled events.

• Sun Microsystems
• S Media 24x7
• Cattle Puppy Productions
• Second Life Broadcasting Company

Silicon Island/Silicon City

Liam Kanno & the V3 Group Team

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