Thursday, April 12, 2007

A King and His Castle

I wish I had the ability to build and script. Ok, I don't really wish that. I am an idea person, an organizer, a motivator, and a teacher. I love the idea of building, but I also love the idea of being Amish for a day. And, well, they don't have wireless.

I have been watching Adey build his castle on our little private piece of SL Heaven. He built his own working toilet (now he must be taught the rules...lid down even in the virtual world). This thing flushes, too. It is quite something to say you have built your own working loo in the sky. It was a proud moment.

Today, I was surprised with bunnies. First there were two, then there were like 12 until we ran out of prim space. We sent back the extras to the 3D Bunny Haven, and Adam and Eve now live at the Lit Alive! HQ. They like to eat the grass by the SimTeach sign; let's hope they don't pee on it (oh wait - maybe we can build a bunny loo?).

I know why Adey loves to build so much; he loves it for the same reason I love working with educators. It is SOOOOO exciting to create something from air. Read my next post about the 1st Annual Best Practices in SL Teaching Conference to learn about this newest collaborative build.

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Timothy said...

The lid down thing has never made much sense to us guys. We ourselves do sit down on the toilet about half the time when we, well, you know what. And we rarely if ever find ourselves forgetting to flip the set down. I only remember one incident in 50-plus years of defecating (48 of them post-potty training) where I have sat on a bare toilet, and then only because it was dark and I was befuddled. And it wasn't that awful really: I stood up, flipped the seat down, and continued where I left off.

Now running out of toilet paper IS bad, but women are much more prone to leeting that happen, presumably because remembering your running low and/or going to the store to get more TP is soooooo difficult.

My virtual toilet on SL doesn't have a flippable seat: the seat is locked in place in the down position. The toilet does have some intersting anims on it, however.