Sunday, April 22, 2007

Building Blocks

The problem with not writing every day is that I have 4000 things to write about and only a simple thread connects them.

Before I start, though, I want to draw attention to this song, Forever Changed VT by Season. Many thanks to Milosun for the link. Milosun is collecting funds for distribution at VT; please stop by Literature Alive! and donate to the cause.

The VT tragedy is a reminder that our lives, virtual or real, are precious. We all live in a "that would NEVER happen here" place, but, yet, we never know - there is no way to know. All we can do is continue to build lives and then bend and pause when the blocks are destroyed - ruthlessly - violently -

Our hearts extend past prim and virtual air...through to the walls of the hearts of the hurt.

May peace guide us all, and may peace take root in the victims, their families, and the VT community.

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