Sunday, April 22, 2007

Government is SL??????

Here is a pic of a bunch of folks dancing at the ITE after party on Saturday night. The one spinning on her head with glow sticks in hand is me.

The lovely Eloise and I were working on our weekly column, Eloise and Desi's Gold Star Review (you must pick up the Picayune only hint is that I actually DISS something and a Big Name, no less).


As I was postively reviewing the message board from, I got an IM from some person that wanted me to be the Education Minister of her Government. I hate politics, so the answer was no all along, but for the sake of curing my fascinated mind, I asked - well, what does your government stand for....can I read your platform? She didn't have a platform. She thinks the Lindens control everything. Um. Yeah; Philip owns it all - it is his BUSINESS. But, anyway. So, I asked her if she knew who Henry David Thoreau was. She never heard of him. I asked what rules she didn't like. She didn't have a problem with the rules but felt there needed to be more. Like what? Jobs and trainings for newbies. Her government was going to be created by the people for the people. How many people? Which people?

Now, we all know that I am probably the world's worst SL typist. Typing fast leads me to a lifetime of typonese. But, this person not only spelled every word wrong but didn't attempt to use punctuation. She didn't have a platform; she didn't know Thoreau. I'm sorry, but this world is full of politicians that don't know anything, and I am not about to endorse yet another one. FURTHER, I totally subscribe to Thomas Paine's concept that the "government is best which governs least."

If you want to start a government, get a grip on reality. Have a stand, Grab a platform. Don't expect a busy woman like me to endorse your half witted ideas of grandeur without being grilled.

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