Tuesday, April 03, 2007


After a buffet of 6 laptops that could not run the graphics of SL, my college coughed up a brilliant MAC!!! Yeah, yeah....Bryan Carter always tells me that I should use one...well, as it is, it works, I can see better than I have ever seen inworld, and I AM HAPPPPPPPY!!!!!

Everyone should send an email to the amazing Beverly Benfer at LCCC for getting me connected. It would absolutely make her day (be sure to say both of my names...as I am not sure she knows who Desideria is...).

I spent some quality time with the neglected Adrian; it was lovely. See the pics :-) Then I had a smashing good time with the brilliant Eloise Pasteur as we played and pretended to work :-)

We are coming out with a new series...The Eloise and Desi Gold Star Standard Review...we will be evaluating 2 educational tools a week and donating the reviews to the Picayune and anyone else standing still enough to catch them. If you have a tool for us to review (ummm....an EDUCATIONAL tool...y'all can keep the Xcite), send it to us inworld :-)

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