Monday, April 09, 2007

We Got Game in the Humanities

There are some days when I feel very alone in the wide world of SL. I am surrounded by brilliant educators, but they are all scientists, technologists, historians, or librarians.


I was going to break into a song that would shame even Joan Baez, but then I read this awesome article about Stanford and the Humanities posted on the SLed Listserve. Apparently, there is a magical place called the Stanford Humanities Lab. They say:
With new developments in areas such as biotech, digital culture, global society, SHL believes that some crucial questions — about what it is to be human, about experience in a connected world, about the boundaries of culture and nature — transcend the old divisions between the arts, sciences and humanities, between the academy, industry and the cultural sphere (

Well, I really couldn't find anything about teaching literature in SL, and I think I may be the only person doing that (although there are loads of people doing awesome work with ESL, poetry, women's studies, and creative writing). But, I just may be the only one hammering away at literature. But, it DOES help to know that Stanford is out there getting some game for the Humanities...we certianly can't let the scientists have ALL the fun!!!

With the help of Ligeia Westwick and Eloise Pasteur, I have finally finished the first two floors of the British Literature Classroom. If you have not been there is a while, go forth and explore! I would love some feedback about what you like and what you hate. Just search for British Literature in the SL search buffet, and you will you find the link.

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