Monday, April 16, 2007

A Magical Moment for Educators

I am so excited to be a college educator in 2007.

Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to speak to the Women of the Web 2.0 via skypecast conference. Even though I had a terrible cold and a 100 degree fever, I think the interview was exciting. I got to blabber on about SL in literature education. I learned all about Alan Webb's work with Literary Worlds.

This connection led to a dicussion about the exciting Horizon Project that is all a-buzz in K-12 Education.

Inworld, we have the awesome plans all a-fire for the 2007 SL Best Practices in Teaching, Learning, Research (I am sneaking in edugaming here...but that isn't part of the title...). I can not begin to describe, even for a second, how much excitement has been generated in such a few short days!!!


Finally, I opened a shop in Second Life. It is like the Good Will shop; it isn't meant to make me money or anything. The School Store is meant for educators to find awesome tools for use inworld. We are also collecting some nice clothing designers that make clothes appropriate for teachers and students. Finally, we are collecting some nive furniture that can be used in college or educational settings. 10% of commission goes to fund Literature Alive!

The gamers met in world, and it was just amazing to see all the people assembled to talk about edcutional gaming! Many kudos to Jeremy Koerster for gathering the troops at Angel Island.

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