Monday, April 02, 2007

The Good Stuff

My real life friend, Michele, felt soooo sorry for me...she lent me her laptop (customized by her4 year old). In exchange for cleaning up a hard drive customized by her 14 year old niece, I was able to log into SL and move around for the first time yesterday. Then I crashed...and crashed again. I feel like one of those people that is trying to quit smoking and runs around taking puffs off of the used butts of others. Pathetic...I truly am.

Anyway, Lotsa people have sent me good stuff to keep me entertained. Here are the best of the best:

Stan Trevena sent me a nice clip and another one here.

Niki Donburi sent me a link to his musical tribute to SL...what a hoot! I laughed so hard, I was crying.

Kisa Naumova sent me this incredible movie clip, as well. It shows a build from start to finish, and has somne groooooovy music.

Theodore Ubhaus sent a killer link to Nerdcore Rising. While I thought the intro and exit were stupid, I loved the meat of it and think it is a brilliant concept overall.

Someone was kind enough to run a blog with the top 10 hot clips embedded right in there :-)

Art Fossett sent me two slide share thingies: the Second Life in 3600 seconds was great, as was Information Architecture in Second Life.

I will keep adding to the list, so send me your goodies :-)

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Gimster said...

Hi Beth

Thanks for linking to my new blog. I teach General Paper (pre-university reading and writing in English Language) at Victoria Junior College in Singapore and we've just started a project to explore the use of Second Life for teaching. Hope to learn more from you.