Sunday, April 08, 2007

Get Yer Hot Fresh Picayune!

I just sent Milosun the first of my inworld educational reviews for inclusion in the next edition of the Picayune. BE SURE to get yer hands on a hot little copy! The reviews discuss a variety of excellent products that cost a wee little linden. Free tools will be reviewed over at Stingy Scholar.

I am so impressed by watching people learning to build in SL. Adrian, for example, made that egg and the gorgeous solitare inside. He also made the table. He just built us a private house, as well. He has really caught the bug for building, and I love watching him work.

One of my best friends in RL and in SL won the Build-a-Bear Contest sponsored by FxyLdy Moonlight. All proceeds were donated to research for cancer and the focus was on terminally ill children. I have a passion for children with disabilities; my youngest son had a stroke in utero. So, I am happy to watch people like Fxy host events that allow creativity for a cause. All the bears were gorgeous, and every single person should be proud of the work he/she did. Holly and Art raised over 36,000 Linden on this bear:

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